Pop Art VS Abstract Art: Which Will Look Better on Your Walls

Worried about your empty walls? Deciding whether Pop art or Abstract wall art will look better on your walls? The answer is, BOTH. More or less, it actually depends on your taste and style, your entire home interior, or the rooms in your house. Choosing between Pop art and abstract art is a difficult decision to make, and we totally understand that especially if you love both of the styles equally. However, we are here to make your decision-making process a lot faster and easier. Even if you choose not to go with what we advised you, in the end, you picked something that your heart really wants. 

Let’s first begin with what Pop Art and Abstract Art are, and how are they different and similar to each other.  

Abstract Art 

abstract art vs pop art

Let’s go back into history and understand the origins of Abstract Art. Abstract Art originated in the 19th century and is now considered one of the most popular forms of modern art. This style of art is all about putting together different colors, shapes, and textures to create an imagery of abstraction and conceptualism. You might think that abstract art is just non - identical forms and geometric shapes, but in fact, behind every abstract art, an artist is influenced by ideas or philosophies. Abstract art is not intended to represent objects or living things, but in fact, it is the art of representing spontaneity. And behind every shape and color of an abstract art painting evokes a specific emotion to the viewers. Among the best abstract artists of all time is Wassily Kandinsky, who is considered by many as the “ Father of Abstract Art”. 

Pop Art 

abstract art vs pop art

Pop art emerged in the 1950s in Great Britain and the United States years following World War 2, which broke the establishment of traditions of abstract art. Pop art is the exact opposite of abstract art. Instead of putting together random shapes, colors, and textures, pop art uses the imagery of popular cultures such as celebrities, ads, images from comic books, or even mundane objects that are found in everyday life. Pop art focuses more on retro style by using bright and vibrant colors such as red, yellow and blue. Andy Warhol was the leading figure in Pop Art and was the one behind the “ Marilyn Diptych” painting. 

How is Abstract Art similar to Pop Art? 

Both Abstract and Pop Art were created to express individual freedom. In technical terms, both styles of paintings use vibrant colors, however, you’ll see more lively and bright colors in pop art. Other than that, both are quite the opposite. One is representing imagery of celebrities or objects found in everyday life, while abstract art is about representing random designs.

Which will look better on my walls? 

Both abstract and pop art will look good on your walls. It truly depends on your personality, and what you really appreciate more. However, it also depends on the interior of your house and on which room you will be hanging those paintings. If you want your house to look colorful and all groovy and funky, we suggest going with the Pop art option. But if you’re a creative thinker and dig creative ideas, we think abstract will do well on your walls. What happens if you’re into both? Simply, install both styles of paintings, but make sure they match and blend perfectly well with each other. You could also decorate specific rooms with one style such as pop art, and the rest of the rooms with abstract art. Both styles of art are about expressing freedom, so don’t hesitate to decorate your rooms with paintings you feel are closer to heart and soul.     

Below you can find some of le d’ARTe’s awesome paintings.

Pop Art for your bedroom  

If you’re into pop culture, fashion, trends, and vibrant colors, then go for pop art oil paintings in your bedroom. Moreover, If you’re a fan of famous Hollywood artists, this portrait of one of the world’s famous actress is a good canvas to add in your bedroom. Buy & Design your house interior with "Marla Singer pop art painting" & dive the world of temerity. 

Abstract Art for Your Living Room 

Abstract art isn’t always about vivid colors. In fact, it could be black and white too. If you’re a classy person and seeking to add dominant vibes to your living room, black and white paintings could be the best option for you -- especially if the art piece is minimal and abstract. Such artwork is best for a modern designed interior with themes mostly of black and white colors. Buy & Design your house interior with this Abstract Black and White Minimalist Plant Artwork to give your living room the best modern look. 

Place both Abstract and Pop Art in the same room 

Who said you can’t pull off both styles of paintings in the same room? Go ahead and hang both of your favorite styles of abstract and pop art and watch how creative your room will look. If you add different styles of paintings in the same room, make sure the colors match each other. Since Pop Art is all about bold colors, you could hang an abstract art next to it that has vivid colors.

pop art vs abstract art

Don’t think this might work? Check out this awesome mix of both paintings placed next to each other. Although one is a Pop Art and the other is an Abstract art, both paintings ended up matching perfectly well with each other.