Planning Your House Interior with Hand-Painted Wall Paintings

The interior design of your home is as important as the exterior design. While the style of the roof, doors, and windows of the façade will create the first impression on visitors, the interior will surely still make an impact.

If you’re already set with your exterior and are planning to improve your interior design, paintings are one of the best wall decorations that would create a complementary effect to your home.

Like a window to another reality, paintings provide an anchor for the eye, thus creating that relaxing effect on the mind after a busy day. Also, paintings are suitable for any interior design styles. Whether you go minimalistic or rustic or even ecological, having paintings wouldn’t hurt the design and would even add more aesthetic value to your home.

In considering the art for your walls, you will find yourself matching the paintings or overhang with the wall color, the furniture style, and all the other decorations. From the composition of the painting to its theme, every interior designer wants to complement the wall paintings with the surrounding decorations.

While you are at it, you will be asking yourself as to what type of paintings you will hang to match the style of the room you are decorating.


Choosing Hand-Painted Wall Paintings for your Home

While there are many types of paintings in the art market that would suit your taste and your house’s interior design, hand-painted wall paintings just seem to stay in style in any generation or in any home interiors.

Ever since the caveman started drawing pictures of animals on cave walls up to the plush Classical homes and the rise of modernism, hand-painted wall paintings are a staple decoration that adds more vibrancy to any type of house.

Choosing hand-painted wall paintings usually begin with what is illustrated in its canvas. This means the painting style and the imagery it presents and how it would add to the aesthetic appeal of a room in your house.

For example, a minimalistic living room would prefer hand-painted wall paintings that have lesser details. This is where abstract paintings come into play. However, surrealistic paintings won’t also go bad in this style as long as the details are kept at a minimum.

The second thing to consider is how many of these paintings you will hang. Not all paintings come in larger sizes. There are even those that are as small as a bedside picture frame. So, the number of paintings you’ll get is depended on the sizes.


Why choose Hand-painted Wall Paintings?

While the strokes of the brush have a better impact on the beauty of the painting than its computerized counterpart, the painting itself is a fresh idea straight from the artist’s mind. The time he or she had spent on the painting is worth more than just its imagery. Through it, you can also see what the artists of the painting have seen.

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