Oil painted wall art ideas and themes for your bedroom

What’s the one thing you look forward to when you come back from work? The answer is most probably  … your BED. But... no one wants to come back from work straight to bed only to look at plain blank walls. That’s why decorating your bedroom walls beautifully is a must. In fact, placing artworks in your bedroom, specifically oil painted wall art, will enhance both the interior of your bedroom as well as your comfort level. However, choosing the perfect piece, hoping to match with your personality and interior might be difficult, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Here are some ideas of oil painted wall art that we think might help you glam up your space and bring your empty walls to life. 

Vintage/Nostalgic bedroom 

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Are you a person who wishes to live in the past? Say no more! Simply decorate your bedroom in an old fashion vintage way to make it look like you’re living in ancient times. For this theme, it's important to note that you should pick paintings with color schemes that consist of dark colors such as shades of black, brown, white, and gray. Transform your bedroom into a Renaissance-style theme by choosing wall art paintings such as portraits depicting old style figures or animal paintings such as Equine art. This will literally make you feel like you’re residing in some ancient emperor’s bedroom looking all fancy and antique. 

Oceanic - sea like theme bedroom

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Living in a landlocked country and don’t have access to the beach? Simply decorate your bedroom and make it look like you’re at the beach by placing oceanic style art pieces on your walls. Pick paintings that have breezy colors such as blue, green, light brown to set serene and cozy vibes to your bedroom. Paintings such as waves, the ocean, or the seacoast will calm your nerves at the end of a tiring day thus spreading peaceful and soothing vibes. Moreover, if you wish, you could also add other colors to your bedroom walls and still achieve the beachy theme by picking paintings of coral reef animals. 

Flowery botanical theme bedroom 

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If you’re a ride or die countryside person but currently live in a busy city, you could easily bring your countryside vibes straight to your bedroom with landscape or nature paintings! You could go all botanical and floral by mixing different styles of oil painting artwork, however, make sure all the paintings you choose are related to each other. For instance, you could hang paintings of colorful flowers, trees, forests, rivers, or even animals such as birds or butterflies to embrace the beauty of nature in your bedroom. If you end up choosing this theme, you’ll get to wake up in an indoor garden every single day. How beautiful, right?

Industrial theme bedroom

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Industrial style bedroom is all about mixing rough and raw materials such as exposed rustic beams and bricks, wooden furniture, and art pieces made with wood. This theme would look perfectly well if you live in an apartment or a loft in a busy city. In the case of wall art ideas, always pick paintings with dark colors. Paintings could be abstract, black and white, animal art or a landscape art of your favorite city or building. All these styles of paintings will match perfectly well with the entire interior of your industrial bedroom. 

Pop Art theme bedroom 

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Unleash the boldness in you by decorating your room with vibrant, bold and colorful Pop art canvas. Styling your bedroom with Pop art will definitely bring fun and cheerful vibes to you. This style of art is all about being bold. So don’t be afraid of designing your bedroom with as many colors of paintings as you want. You could achieve this look by choosing an iconic image of a movie poster, pictures of celebrities, cartoon characters, or even a painting of an advertisement image. If you’re really into pop culture and modern art, this style of art will definitely match with your personality and will turn your standard bedroom walls into a modern art gallery.

Animal theme bedroom 

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Whether it’s a safari that you like, or jungle, desert, rainforest or even the coral reef, you can decorate your bedroom according to your favorite ecosystem. Animal themed bedroom will be perfect for your kids' room. Ask your kids what animals they like, and decorate their room accordingly. If they wish to have a colorful room, you could go for cartoon-like pop art paintings with animals painted on it. If they are into a feminine look, go for butterflies and light-colored paintings. Last but not least, you might think that an animal-themed bedroom could only look good in a kid's bedroom, but in fact, you could achieve this theme if you decorate your walls with realistic fierce animals that have dark color schemes.

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