How to make staying at home look cooler with those 5 oil paintings

Staying at home most of the time is actually fun until you start realizing it’s getting super boring. The truth is there are many activities you could do in  your spare time at home. For instance, you could watch tv, do Yoga, put on a face mask, read a book, etc… But what if you do something for the sake of your home this time? Just like you take care of yourself, your home also needs to be taken care of. Ask yourself…  which rooms in your house lack decoration and start decorating it right away. By the way, showcasing wall arts never fails to beautify your home interior. Therefore in this article, we will be sharing with you the coolest and most creative hand painted paintings you could install on your empty walls.

Comic Book Character Pop Art 

Everyone has their favorite superhero or favorite character from a comic book. If you’re into vibrant colors and still fantasize about superheroes, simply hang their paintings in your bedroom. Go ahead and give your bedroom walls the attention they deserve by installing this Spider Man Oil Painting above or across your bed. This hand painted painting portrays Spiderman seemingly launching his web while swinging somewhere mid-air on his way to do what he does best. What makes this painting captivating is the vibrant colors used such as the colors blue, green and red. Last but not least, if you happen to have a gaming room in your house, you could also hang this painting there to make your room look cooler and more fun! 

Seductive Pop Art Painting 

This seductive painting of Smoking Lady with Hot Red Lips can easily complement anywhere in your house -- whether it’s your living room or bedroom. If you’re into both black and white paintings and seductive wall art, this painting will do wonders for your walls. This painting is all about elegance and femininity which will definitely bring sexy vibes to your space. The black and white hues on the background of this oil painting put a strong emphasis on the seductive, red lips of the subject. The smoke coming from the subject’s mouth makes it more realistic and raw, and the right amount of light touches her face, just enough to show the expression on her face seeking for attention. 

Animal Art painting 

This painting of a Smoking Orangutan could be the perfect painting for both black and white lovers and Animal artwork lovers. This painting would go well with any wall color, but it is suggested to pick darker wall colors to make the bright colors used on the painting the focus of the artwork. Just for the record, if you’re not a fan of Orangutans, you could simply choose to hang another painting of an animal with the same concept. 

Funky Pop Art 

Funky, groovy, and sassy. Those are the words that best describe this cool hand painted painting. This pop art painting of woman "Euphoric Magnolia" 

his art piece will definitely be a good piece of work to hang anywhere in your home be it in a living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. Before purchasing this painting, make sure your walls are painted white or different shades of grey to match perfectly well with the painting. 

 Pop Star on a Pop Art Painting 

A pop star in a pop art painting! Could this combination get any better? This hand painted painting of the Prince of Pop Michael Jackson is the best thing that could ever happen to your walls. The lively and revolting dance moves of this painting will literally make you want to dance along. The colors of this painting, as well as his love and devotion for dance and music, are depicted perfectly through his facial expression. If you are a music lover or a Michael Jackson fan, this painting of the late pop icon will be a perfect addition to your collection. Last but not least, to achieve the perfect result, get this painting on a large scale and dance to your own rhythm. 


After noticing the rooms in your house that lack decoration, go ahead and hang some of those cool pop art paintings in the comfort of your home to simply bring positive and cheerful vibes to your heart. Are you ready to transform your walls with colorful and creative hand painted paintings? We think you are! Shop more from our pop art collection here