How much does the artwork worth?

Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi (Savior of the World) was sold at auction for $450 million, creating it the most costly design ever sold-out at auction. So, what is the potential for a canvas coated in paint to be price such a staggering sum? These are the eleven things that build a painting valuable.



The first component that sets an inexpensive painting except for an upscale one is, of course, its authenticity. A true artwork is always pricy than a replica. 


Gallerists are still the first selling force inside the art world. It takes a specific talent to be able to convert such a subjective good as art into huge amount of money. Gallerists entail inserting their artists’ works within the correct collections, the suitable cluster shows, and therefore the right museums. The challenge for the rising creative artist is to gain the attention of the extremely revered gallerists and persuade them that they are merit their attention and their efforts. 


Collectors are the economic engine that fuels the whole art world: the amount they are ready to pay sets the limit for what an creative person will earn. So, how do they decide what to shop for and price to pay? To an oversized degree, they are influenced by the gallerists they trust. Art dealers naturally take nice pains to keep their shopper lists confidential.

Popularity of the creative person 

If the creative person is super stylish at the instant, his or her work can price additional, whether or not the work has real endurance. 

Historical significance 

Ask yourself, is the painting a significant player within the canon of art history? If yes, add other 0’s to the artwork’s price. 

Backstory of the painter 

If painter has a stimulating back story, like early death for instance, the worth is going to be affected. This can be partly as a result of if he or she made less work, by virtue of dying young, then offer and demand comes into play at once, however conjointly as a result of artist’s lives tend to fascinate the general public, thus any fascinating story can facilitate sell their work. 


Generally speaking, works on canvas can continuously sell for over those on paper. Likewise, paintings can sell for over a sketch or, of course, a print.


Composition with Red, Yellow, Black, Blue Colors conjointly comes into play once determinant a painting’s worth. Traditionally, paintings that contain red, for instance, continuously price additional.

Subject matter 

Similarly, artworks of sure subject material tend to sell for over others. for instance, paintings of gorgeous girls tend to be price over paintings of men, though there are in fact exceptions to the current. Sunny landscapes tend to win out over dark ones as do ships in calm seas over ships in an exceedingly storm.



When all is alleged and done, it very comes right down to one primary driving force…how effectively the artist is promoted to all or any aspects of the art world. The gallerists and therefore the artists themselves are the first promoters. More effectively they promote their art to the critics, the curators and therefore the collectors, the larger the demand is going to be for his or her work and therefore the higher the costs their art can command.