Best Locations to Hang your Hand Painted Paintings

You just bought a new house in a nice neighborhood, painted the walls, installed your furniture, but you still feel that there is something missing. That missing thing is clearly …. decoration. Decorating your home is as important as installing furniture and painting your walls. Your home should give you an environment of relaxation and serenity, and that could all be done if you decorate it with the right hand painted artwork. It’s important to note that decorating your home is not only about visuals or how it will make your rooms look but in fact, it is more about how it will make you feel. If you wish to design the perfect space to live in, you should pick decorations that will reflect on your personality. Each room in your house has its own purpose, style, and personality but decorating them might be an exhausting task. That’s why we are here to help you out with choosing the best style for every single room in your house. And yes, kitchen and bathroom are included. 

The Livingroom 

Let’s begin with the room where all your family members gather at𑁋the living room. In most homes, living rooms are the first things you see when you enter. That’s why it’s important for it to be decorated the right way. Moreover, your living room is the central room of your home and also the place where fun things happen 𑁋 like bonding, socializing, chilling and relaxing, watching TV, playing games and entertaining guests. As a result, decorating it is a must to make it look pleasant to the eye and heart. In fact, if you decorate your living room with the things you love, it will undoubtedly make you feel more like home. For instance, adding art accessories such as paintings will change the whole mood of your living room. The best place to hang your painting in your living room is right above the couch facing your TV. 

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The Bedroom 

Let’s talk about the room where you start your day with and end your night with 𑁋 your bedroom. Your bedroom is the place where you either relax or sleep. So when it comes to decorating this specific room, always pick paintings that really appeal to your mind and soul. Choose paintings that create a sense of peacefulness and calmness every time you stare at the artwork. If you’re a morning person, stick to bright colors, and if you’re not, simply choose a darker color scheme but make sure it is something simple and soothing to the eye. Most people hang paintings right behind their beds. However,  if you’re the type of person who loves staring at paintings especially if it’s an art that inspires you, it is recommended to either place it facing your bed or on the side walls. 

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The Kitchen 

Believe it or not, the kitchen is the most used room in your house which means it’s important to make it a pleasant place for the sake of your appetite. It’s always a good idea to stick to bright color schemes when designing your kitchen interior. Decorate your walls with paintings you think will glam up your space. Go for greenery or nature art if you want your kitchen to look bright and vivid. You could also decorate your walls by installing artwork inspired by food. This could be anything from a painting of a burger, a glass of wine, or a mug of coffee. Moreover, since kitchen walls are packed up with gadgets and utensils, it might be difficult to find the perfect spot to place your painting since gadgets are dominating your wall space. It is suggested that if your kitchen has a high ceiling, you could place your paintings above the cabinets. If otherwise, simply place them under the cabinets or counter, and make sure to pick smaller pieces. 

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The Bathroom 

Your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house. But this shouldn't stop you from not decorating it with art paintings! It’s also the wettest room in your house, which means you need to choose your art pieces wisely, something that can withstand the heat and moisture. It is recommended to pick paintings for your bathroom that match with the rest of the interior. Pick paintings that will create a relaxing atmosphere such as nude paintings or abstract art. Place 2 paintings right above each other over the toilet if your bathroom is not spacious enough. Moreover, in case you have a master bath or tub, you could place it right above it or facing it if you enjoy gazing at art whilst bathing. 

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The Kids Room 

Each stage of your child’s room requires a different interior 𑁋 starting from nursery to their teenage year. If you’re decorating a nursery, always keep it simple by choosing bright and happy colors, preferably pastel since it soothes the eyes. When babies wake up, they love to look up. That being said, place your hand painted paintings somewhere as high as possible. And as your child grows older, it’s important to note that your kid’s room should reflect on their personality. Kids at the age of 6-12 love vivid colors. Ask them what their favorite color is and what are they into the most? For instance, if they are pet lovers, decorate their walls with cartoon-like animal paintings. If they are into pop culture and modern lifestyle, decorate their walls with Pop Art paintings to make them look cooler as they reach their teenage years. 

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