5 Office Wall Art Paintings for a More Productive Space

Imagine working at an office with plain rooms and blank white walls… Sounds boring right? Now imagine working at an office where the room is decorated with creative art pieces and walls covered in beautiful art paintings… Sounds way better, right? Well, that is because bright and creative decoration of artwork typically brings positive and cheerful vibes to the office. In fact, placing the right kind of wall art for the office can boost staff productivity and performance as well as lift employees’ mood and physical well-being.

Here are 5 awesome styles of office wall art you could decorate your space to make your staff feel happier and more productive at work.

 Black and White Abstract Art

Let’s start off with black and white paintings. If you’re seeking to add more professional and dominant vibes to your office space, black and white paintings could be the best option for you -- especially if the art piece is minimal and abstract. Black and white abstract art on your office walls will undoubtedly match with any interior styles, wall colors and art pieces. In fact, this style of painting will make it soothing to your eyes and mind while working. Design your office interior with this Gray Abstract Art Oil Painting to bring classical yet comfort vibes to your office.


Colorful Abstract Art 

If your office walls are plain or mono-color, do not hesitate to decorate your walls with vivid and colorful paintings. Abstract colorful art will spark your staff’s creativity and elevate their performance and productivity for the better. In fact, staring at an abstract painting is known to get employees to think outside of the box. Nothing can make your office look more fun and cheerful other than decorating it with colorful vibrant art. So, place this "carnival of color oil painting" on your office wall and watch how your staff’s creativity will flow and blossom.   


Nature Painting 

No plants in the office? No problem! You can decorate your office by simply hanging floral paintings on your walls. We understand that office life is a bit dull and boring, however, you can easily transform your space into an indoor garden by decorating it with the right floral artwork such as plant paintings. Stick to this theme of art if you’re looking to establish an environment of relaxation and serenity to your office. You can install this wonderful "Flowers In The Vase" on your wall and see how nourishing and refreshing your office will look.


Landscape Painting 

You don’t need to get on a plane to visit your favorite city. Simply decorate your walls with your favorite city’s skyline and admire the view straight from your office. By the way, wall art doesn’t necessarily have to be a visual of a skyline. For instance, you could choose to place a painting of an iconic building, bridge, skyscraper, etc… anything you could find inspirational or motivational to you and your employees. Also, if your company has branches in different countries, you could also decorate your walls with paintings of each city your company is located in. This will somehow make you feel more connected with the other branches. Get this "Urban Sunset" to add some urban vibes to your office.

Pop Art Painting

Give your office a modern look by decorating the walls with bright and vibrant pop art paintings. Make your office look cooler, funkier and sassier with Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein inspired paintings. If you’re a creative agency, marketing or advertising company, Pop Art paintings will work perfectly well with your office environment. Moreover, if your staff is young and below the age of 40, installing Pop Art paintings all over your walls will truly match with their generation. In addition to that, studies show that having a dynamic and eye-catching office interior will leave your visitors or clients a positive impression on your company. So, now is your chance to get all groovy and funky by placing this "Freddie Mercury Pop Art Painting" art right behind your desk.

Final Thoughts 

Are you ready to transform your office into a more presentable and welcoming space for both your clients and staff with our outstanding oil paintings?  We thought so too ;). Go ahead and visit our home page and choose whichever category you think will match with your office interior or your company's mission and vision. Make your office stand out from your competitors by choosing from our wide selection of oil paintings!