About us

Welcome to le d'ARTe  Painting Store

Are you art lover and need to design your house with fabulous hand-painted artworks? Now you can accomplish this desire and with affordable prices. le d'ARTe is a marketplace with highest quality artworks: get access to unlimited human creativity. Browse our gallery and feel like visiting art gallery in a nicely evening.

We are sure good artwork is the only mean to make your interior design complete and unique. Therefore, our job is to select every piece of art carefully and give space to only exceptional gorgeous paintings. Carefully chosen finest quality materials and every single item in our store will fulfill and even exceed your expectations. This is one of the best places to enter into the wonderful world of painting with high-quality products. Access our entire gallery of amazing pieces of art which have all been lovingly crafted to ensure that nothing is apart from what it is described.

We believe that art makes everything beautiful, and because we take value in this idea, we only offer our customers the best artworks that you can think of. Our Team checks all the artworks to be professionally created, reasonably priced, listed with correct information.  All our pieces are great and only made from quality materials, making our platform one of the most reliable art sites right now.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes making your space beautiful, you can definitely rely on us here at le d’ARTe. Not only do we do that, but we’re also going to assure you that our services are topnotch. Why? Well, here are the reasons why:                                          

  • High-Quality Artworks

Looking for the best artworks but don’t know where to find them? Look no more as we have collections of amazing art. What’s good about our art pieces is that they don’t only look pleasant, but they’re also made from quality materials, from canvases to paints. This assures you that they last long, allowing you to benefit from their beauty for a long time.  

  • A Vast Variety of Options

You can opt for some striking nude paintings or settle on some mesmerizing portraits of nature and flowers. We have a variety of categories, so you can choose from a lot of options. With our paintings, you’ll definitely beautify and diversify your place, allowing you to truly pick a piece that would suit the theme of your house or office.

  • Affordable

Artworks are not as cheap as you might think. After all, these are hand-painted by professional artists, making each artwork worthwhile. However, here at le d’ARTe, we make sure that our paintings are not overpriced. As we are supporting budding and local artists, we don’t have ridiculously expensive prices, allowing you to purchase some of the best art deals online right now.  

  • Great Customer Support Team

As we are catering to our customers online, we make sure that we have a great customer support team to back up any client’s queries and concerns. We also have a knowledgeable team that knows the artworks, so you can surely rely on them if you have questions regarding an artwork. With a reliable team to help you, your transactions here will go pleasantly.

  • Reliable Service and Shipping

Aside from our friendly and knowledgeable team, we, in general, have one of the most reliable services when it comes to online art. Our transactions are done in a simple and fast manner, and our shipping policies are not complicated. Every artwork you purchase will surely arrive at your doorstep safe and packaged well.

  • Genuine Care

Lastly, we are a genuine group of art sellers who shares the same love for art. We are passionate about what we do, so we make sure that our customers are receiving the same amount of love and care. With le d’ARTe as your main art supplier, you’re sure that you’re taken care of properly.