Both nature and art had always been in constant convergence since the dawn of civilizations. It developed alongside technologies, making it a vital part of the survival of humans. Over time, contemporary ideas emerged and movement and philosophies expanded the boundaries of art, and it was displayed under a different light. 

It took a monumental approach, like that of Land Art or also known as Environmental Art. In retaliation to the commercialization, Land artists used only what is natural and organic to reshape and recreate large expanses of land.

The most common way Nature is captured is through Visual Art – landscape paintings, portraits, and photographs. In contrary to photographs, a painting is an ongoing narration. The story can change while the artist is painting it, and the narrative may appear different to its viewers. Landscapes and sceneries had been the subject of many masterpieces and were as well the focus of many starting artists. They can evoke any kind of emotion and would usually narrate a story for the viewer.

Flowers speak a language in the art world that has been derived from society. These have been incorporated into different paintings, and we need context to truly understand the narrative.

There is a multitude of works available if you’re looking to be motivated. Although, remember: inspiration exists, but it must find you working.

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