Home office wall art ideas: Artistic distraction while working from home

Today, many people choose the option or prefer working from home or remotely. But your home office wasn’t meant for being dull and empty. Let’s be honest. Office work is already boring. Now imagine working in your home office with no one around you except for your empty and dull walls. Sounds depressing right? But did you know? Home office decor can be highly functional and practical? Whether you’re a freelancer or prefer working most of the time from home, we made a list of some awesome home office wall art ideas to bring your empty walls to life and to get you inspired and work harder.  

Black and White Abstract Wall Art 

home office wall art

If you’re not into colors and packed designs, you can simply choose to hang paintings with less colors or only black and white. Many people today prefer a simple and minimalist design. In fact, studies show placing minimalist art wall designs in offices can further fuel your creativity. Moreover, if you wish to make your home office look more serious and professional, you can opt for Black and White abstract wall art. Abstract Art is a type of art that doesn’t focus on reality but rather focuses on the art of spontaneity. These types of paintings don’t typically resemble or depict anything real such as a person or object, but rather it is often seen as random designs, be it something simple or complicated. Design your home office walls with this Black and White Complicated Abstract Oil Painting, and let your creativity spark. 

Colorful Animal hand Painted Paining 

home office wall art

Nothing will inspire you to focus more on work other than this Working Orangutan Cartoon Animal Oil Painting. You can think of it this way -- If an animal is doing a human’s job, then you can definitely do it too. Every time you feel uninspired or demotivated whilst trying to work, staring at this hand painted painting will definitely make a direct impact on your productivity. Also, if your home office walls are completely empty, the colors used in this painting will change the whole interior and the mood of your office room for the better. Although some people may say that wall art distracts them from working, this cartoon animal painting will motivate you to work harder and spark your creativity.       

Nature hand-painted wall art

home office wall art

This portrait of a beautiful lady with blossoming flowers on her head is something that will go well in a girl’s office room. The elegant use of the color white, pink and brown is excellent as it exudes both simplicity and flamboyance and each stroke and line are drawn with immense precision and accuracy. If you’re into pastel colors and don’t want your room to look too crowded with other colors, this painting could do wonders for your office room. The painting itself is very creative. So just imagine how much your creativity will elevate by simply staring at this painting.  Last but not least, make sure to place some plants on your office desk to have a complete nature themed office look.

Pop art colorful painting 

home office wall art

If you’re into pop culture and have a fun, cool, and funky personality, we suggest you choose pop art hand painted paintings for your office room. Decorate your office walls with pop art colorful paintings to keep you energized while working! The chaotic blast of striking colors on the background along with an image of Marilyn Monroe and the monkey sitting on the Coca-Cola cooler spray painting “Follow Your Dreams” makes this oil painting a quirky yet interesting piece of art with a thought-provoking message “Follow your dreams”. Get this painting and have some splash of colors in your home office room to lift your mood up while working, and moreover to remind you to go chase your dreams. 

Landscape painting 

home office wall art

Last but not least, we’ll be ending this with landscape paintings. This New York Bridge Painting will literally bring outdoor vibes to your indoor home office. Every time you stare at this painting you’ll be mesmerized by its glowing colors and intense similarity to its real counterpart. Simply pick your favorite landscape painting that inspires you to work hard and place it facing your office desk. Landscape paintings don’t necessarily have to be paintings of skyscrapers or the skyline of a city. It could simply be a painting of trees, the ocean, mountains, etc… Similar to nature paintings, if you’re thinking of decorating your walls with landscape nature paintings, don't forget to place some flowers to give your office a final floral look.